Why Discipleship Journal?

By DiscipleshipJournal • Discipleship • 23 Sep 2012

Discipleship is one of my greatest passions.  Over the last 10 years I’ve thought, read, talked, studied, practiced, given, received, succeeded and failed “discipleship”.  I’ve watched various churches and organisations in operation, and walked alongside countless people as they pursue Christ, all the time learning more about what it means to “make disciples”.

Discipleship is the foundational ministry of the Church.  In fact, it is the primary task Christ gave to the Church (Matt 28:19-20).  What I’ve come to realize though, is that for such an important part of the Kingdom of God, it is poorly done (and I think mostly because it is badly understood)!

While I’m in no way an expert in discipleship–I’m far from knowing it all–God has wired my heart with a deep love for discipling and has taught me a lot of discipleship lessons.  For a long time now I’ve been talking about doing a series of blogs on Discipleship, but I’ve finally decided that it’s time to stop talking and start acting.

And so I’m about to embark on an adventure…

Each week I’m going to blog about an aspect of discipleship.  (And to stop you getting bored with me, at various points along the way I plan to pull in some other voices to share their insights too).

There are 3 key things I want to explore:

  1. What is it?
    We’ll look at what the Bible shows us about discipleship–what is it? Why is it important? Along with that we’ll jump into the Jewish cultural context of discipleship and then ask “so how do we do that today?”  What does effective discipleship look like in our day and age?
  2. How do I do it?
    I want to look at the how-to’s of discipleship.  So many people I talk to want to know more than “what”.  They want to see “how”.  The goal here is to give practical lessons and steps in discipleship, as well as looking at the various models and methodologies that are out there.
  3. What tools and resources are out there?
    I’m always looking for new books, DVD courses, audio series and conferences that we can use to disciple.  So, here we’ll review and evaluate a bunch of discipleship resources.

In order to share what God’s been teaching me, I’ll be inviting you into my life to understand the insights He’s given me.  Some I’ve learned from people who’ve invested in me or studies I’ve done, but most come through trial and error, and the most significant ones through my personal failures.

So… whether discipleship is your life’s passion or it’s a term that fills you with fear and confusion… stay tuned!

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