The Pursuit

By DiscipleshipJournal • Discipleship • 15 Oct 2012

Before the creation of the world He chose us (Eph 1).  Through what He created He has revealed His character and nature to us (Rom 1).  The beauty we see around us pours forth His beauty (Ps 19).  Our God is a revelatory God.  Every day He is reaching out to us, pouring Grace and blessing over our lives, showing us the Truth of His nature, and drawing us to Himself.

God’s love is an active love that pursues us.  Before we give our lives to Him, when our hearts are far from Him, He pursues relationship with us.  And when we surrender our hearts and lives to Him, He continues to pursue relationship with us, revealing more of Himself to us, and causing us to fall more deeply in love with Him.

Jesus, when living and ministering on this Earth, modelled this aspect of God to us. We see it when He detours through Samaria to bump into the Samaritan woman at the well.  He did it when He called Zacchaeus down out of the tree.   We see if most when He went out and pursued twelve people to follow Him who become known as “His Disciples”.  As Christ lived His God given purpose on Earth He pursued the people who were placed in His path.

Living out the Great requires that we too go in pursuit of the people around us.  Our world is in a relational mess.  We all long to have someone care for us.  People apply by the millions for reality TV shows in the hope that someone will take notice of them and they’ll begin to matter.  Today, time is the most expensive commodity, and no one seems to have time for anyone else.

In this climate, we have an opportunity and a responsibility.  We have an opportunity to be God’s hands in the world, communicating value to people through our actions.  But it’s also a responsibility placed upon us.  God is a God Who Pursues… and He made us in His image.  Not only did He make us to be relational beings, but He commanded us to be it (Look at the numerous “one another” passages in Scripture, and the Great Commission).

The command to Make Disciples requires that we become physical manifestations of God’s character as we go in pursuit of people.  Discipleship is NOT passive.  While there are many occasions where God drops someone on your path for you to meet that is not an excuse to be passive in discipleship.  When that person is dropped in your lap, it’s time to walk in the Spirit and allow Him to turn you into His instrument of pursuit.  Too many of us sit in churches waiting for God to bring people along for us to disciple.  But there are so many people in our churches who are longing to be discipled.  And they’re praying for someone to reach out to them.

We are to pursue people.  Like God, we are to reach out to people, pouring out grace and blessing, showing them the Truth about who we are, and through our relationship with them, revealing to them the character of God, and leading them closer to Him.

Sitting in your church and in your circles of friends are people who feel alone (even in a room full of friends), and worthless (even in the midst of their success).  Part of living a life of faith, as a disciple of Christ, is that we go in pursuit of the people He’s placed around us.

How?  It’s simple.  We ask them to coffee, we watch them play rugby, we attend their music recital, we go to a movie together, invite them to your birthday, send them a text, we have them over for dinner, we play video games together, we study in the library with them, we find out about the things that they enjoy, we welcome them into our lives, we listen!  Whatever we do, we go seeking them our, we prioritise our relationship with them. As we do, we communicate our desire to have them around.  We communicate that they matter and the things they care about matter to us.  We acknowledge the value they have and increase it as we show them the value they have to us and to Him.  And through it all, we demonstrate God’s character to them, the God Who Pursues.

Are you passive in your discipleship or are you actively pursuing the people you are investing in?  As you look at the people around you, who is God asking you to pursue?

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