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By DiscipleshipJournal • Books, Resources, Website • 5 Feb 2013


I just finished reading the book Radical by David Platt.  (A big thanks to my bro-in-law for the Christmas gift!).

While the subtitle is “taking back your faith from the American Dream”, don’t think for a minute that the book is only for Americans.  The more you read book that tackle how “the world” has seeped into the American Church, the more you see just how the rest of the world has adopted it’s own version of the American Dream.  Here in the UK, this book challenges us just as much as (and sometimes more than) the churches in the USA.

The book calls us to something simple:  look at the Word and live what it says.

My favourite part of the book is the final chapter which is titled The Radical Experiment, where he brings the theory of the book to it’s practical climax by setting us a challenge.

I want to extend that challenge to YOU.  

Will you join my family as we live out The Radical Experiment?

The Radical Experiment is a year-long commitment to five specific challenges:

  • To pray for the entire world (in a year).
  • To read through the entire Word (in a year).
  • To commit our lives to multiplying community.
  • To sacrifice our money for a specific purpose.
  • To give our time in another context (at least 2% of your year, 1 week).

There is a helpful website that accompanies the book (  On the site you’ll find some fuller explanations of each of the 5 parts of the challenge, as well as a bibliography of links/resources to help which each point.  Make sure you check it out.   And if you’re looking for some inspiration (or conviction!) there’s even a section dedicated to testimonies from people who have put the experiment into practice.

The challenge is simple.  The cost can be high.  But the reward is infinite.

Will you stay comfortable, or will you rise to the challenge?

Some notable quotes:

“Plainly put, a relationship with Jesus requires total, superior, and exclusive devotion.” (p8)


“Disciples of Jesus–genuine, committed, self-sacrificing followers of Christ–are not made overnight.” (p93)


“So what is the difference between someone who wilfully indulges in sexual pleasures while ignoring the Bible on moral purity and someone who wilfully indulges in the selfish pursuit of more and more material possessions while ignoring the Bible on caring for the poor?  The difference is that one involves a social taboo in the church and the other involves the social norm in the church.” (p111)


“While some professing Christians have rejected universalism [the belief that all people will go to heaven] intellectually, practically the may end up leading universalistic lives.  They claim Christ is necessary for salvation, yet they live their Christianity in silence, as if people around them in the world will indeed be okay in the end without Christ.” (p142)


“In our quest for the extraordinary, we often overlook the importance of the ordinary, and I’m proposing that a radical lifestyle actually begins with an extraordinary commitment to ordinary practices that have marked Christians who have affected the world throughout history.” (p193)

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